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Evolutionary Downfall of Mankind. Do women need to fight more?



woman robbot

I am privileged or have inconvenience, depending on your view, to live on the outskirts of the capital in a house with a yard. Living away from the city hubbub enables me to perceive things from different perspective though.

This is how, in a serene atmosphere of an early morning, I happened to think of strange outcomes of mankind evolution. Surrounded by greenery and chirping birds as I was hurrying to do my daily errands, I spotted a beautiful pheasant sneaking into my garden. It was scrabbling my tiny garden in search of recently planted seeds, with just a few sprouting leaves of organic seasoning plants.

I thought aloud how beautiful that hen pheasant was. My husband smirked and made a scornful comment saying that it wasn’t a female. “Females are unattractive and have dim feathers, but look how beautiful this rooster pheasant is, as most males are in the nature.” The truth struck me as a lightning. It was so obvious that I wondered how I hadn’t contemplated on it earlier.

Most males in nature are unmatchingly attractive compared to their female counterparts. So, what happened to humans who rank highest on the evolutionary ladder. Why women are expected to be more beautiful gender. How come that evolution has resulted in women’s need to perk and expose their beauty trying hard to be noticed and liked.

Lions proudly sway their silken crests, birds attract attention with their coulorful feathers, let alone a peacock. Kangaroos fight hard to win over a female, and hence developed such a big and strong tail to support themselves while fighting for a female. Opposite trend is happening in humans.

Women have become experts in cherishing every inch of their bodies, correcting every single flaw all in an effort to be noticed and qualify for reproduction. Women do not lack the urge for motherhood, but fighting for their affection is decreasing rapidly on men’s part. Multiple are reasons for such a deformation of genders. Modern revolution brought about stereotypes on what women should offer to men.

Tenderness and care of female bodies have acquired different connotations.

Having this in mind, logical question can be raised – to what extent this discrepancy may develop and whether animals living in harmony with the nature are more advanced than humans.